Objectives :
  • To improve the nutritional and health status of girls in the age group of 11-18 years ;
  • To provide the required literacy and numeracy skills through the Non-Formal stream of education,
  • To stimulate a desire for more social exposure and knowledge and to help them improve their decision making capabilities,
  • To train and equip the adolescent girls to improve/upgrade home -based and vocational skills,
  • To promote awareness of health, hygiene, nutrition and family welfare, home management and child care.
    Coverage Area :
    148 blocks of the Punjab State.
    Identification of beneficiaries:
    AG-I 11-15 years
    Scheme I: Girl Approach
    This scheme has been designed for the adolescent girls in the age group of 11-15 years. Approximately, 18 adolescent girls, on an average, are covered at every anganwadi centre, under the scheme. Out of these 18 girls, 3 girls will be identified for 6 months who will be attached with the AWC. During this period these Adolescent Girls will learn through participation on preventive health, hygiene, nutrition, working of the anganwadi centres & family life education. Initially, there will be a 3 day training programme followed by 6 continuing sessions of 1 day each every month. The participant are provided with supplementary food at the anganwadi centre to improve their nutritional status